loving-one-another-jeannieSt. Thomas church is a warm, friendly, welcoming family with a lot going on. In our more-than-fifty years together, we have formed wonderful traditions that unite us in fellowship. From Ducky Derby to our Holy Boo-charist/Trunk-or-Treat extravaganza to Lobsterfest, we spend a lot of our time eating, laughing, and having fun.

Our in-reach efforts extend beyond social gatherings, though. The Invite, Welcome, and Connect committees work to help newcomers become engaged in our life together, and our trained Community of Hope representatives reach out to parishioners in need.

St. Thomas has many places for parishioners to get involved and to join in the fun. We believe that a healthy parish–one that is nurtured spiritually, emotionally and physically–will be better prepared to take its ministry out into the world.

Come play with us!