pastoral-careOur Pastoral Care Team and Community of Hope volunteers care for the sick and hurting people in our own parish. Clergy cannot single-handedly provide the physical and emotional support for an entire parish. Whether sitting with families of patients, preparing meals for the sick, sending cards of encouragement, or praying for those who are hurting, our pastoral care volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that parishioners know that they can turn to the church in times of distress. We are grateful for their presence and their endless blessings.

The Pastoral Care Committee assists our clergy in ministering to our parishioners to ease any difficulty or trouble, whether that is an illness, confinement in a nursing home or hospital, bereavement, loneliness, or anything else that brings distress. Enfolded into this ministry is the Loaves & Fishes ministry which prepares, boxes and freezes mealsĀ  so they can be delivered to parishioners who are sick.

The Community of Hope is a program that shepherds laypersons through 14 weeks of training, with an emphasis on Benedictine Spirituality, to help them become pastoral care givers. Monthly Circle of Care meetings provide on-going support for community members. As our Community of Hope grows, we anticipate that it will support and enhance our overall Pastoral Care program. We plan to offer new training opportunities once a year.