bc-farmers-marketWe are a parish deeply devoted to serving others and reaching out to God’s people. Our parishioners use their time and talents to help numerous local groups. We also reach beyond Huntsville in many ways.

In our over fifty year history we have completed several medical missions to Honduras, joined with other local churches to build over 20 Habitat homes, and hosted—for decades—the annual Special Children’s Christmas Party for mentally and physically challenged kids in our community.

The Honduran medical mission is our largest global effort. Annually, our parishioners, doctors, veterinarians, and dentists, carry aid to the rural areas of Delicias del Norte. Because of our experience in both responding to immediate needs and establishing long term missions, in 2007 the Diocese of Alabama asked St. Thomas to lead a project to develop a mission in Haiti.

In support of our outreach we host Lobsterfest, a weekend fundraising event held at St. Thomas every fall since 1994. We prepare live lobsters flown in from Maine, along with traditional southern barbeque, and our buildings are filled with craft sales, a bake sale, and kids’ games that spill out onto the grounds. In addition to raising money, Lobsterfest opens our doors to the local community, allows the community at large the chance to see what we are like, and gives our parishioners a chance to work together on an event that requires months of planning and effort. Each year Lobsterfest raises over $20,000 for outreach.haiti

Serving others includes caring for those within our midst. Our Pastoral Care/Community of Hope volunteers care for the sick and hurting people in our own parish, whether it is sitting with families of patients in surgery, preparing meals for the sick, sending cards of encouragement, or praying for those who are distressed.