confirmation-handsHow do I become a part of the St. Thomas family?

You may join St. Thomas by being baptized here or by registering your baptism at St. Thomas if you have already been baptized in another Christian church, regardless of denomination. We offer baptism to infants, children, and adults. If you would like to be baptized at St. Thomas or to register your baptism at St. Thomas, please speak to a member of the clergy or contact the church office.

We encourage all baptized persons to be confirmed, and most Episcopalians choose to be confirmed. Confirmation is a mature public affirmation of one’s faith in the presence of a bishop, and confirmation recognizes a maturing faith in those who were baptized as infants and in adults who are growing in their faith journey. Many youth choose to be confirmed when they are in 9th grade or older, and adults may choose to be confirmed once they have decided to make the Episcopal Church their spiritual home. If you have already been confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran Church (ELCA), or another church in the apostolic succession, then we would receive you into the Episcopal Church in a formal liturgy with the bishop. In addition, those who have been confirmed or received in the Episcopal Church may choose to reaffirm their faith before the bishop. We offer classes for youth and adults to prepare for confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation.  If you wish to learn more about confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation at St. Thomas, please speak to a member of the clergy or contact the church office.If you have been confirmed or received at another Episcopal church and you wish to join St. Thomas, we will ask your former parish to transfer your letters of baptism and confirmation to St. Thomas.

You will be able to vote in our vestry elections and in other business matters if you are over 16 years of age and:

  • you are confirmed or received at St. Thomas
  • you have your confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church transferred to St. Thomas